April 2015

We are getting closer.

The bamboo shipment to Seattle should be here in June.  We’ll be able to send out shipments immediately upon arrival to those of you waiting for Standard and XL bundles. We currently have Blondes and 6′ bundles available from the warehouse.

EUROPE – We are about to get a shipment underway to the UK.  We need to hear from you right away if you would like any bamboo on this shipment as we expect that we may not be able to warehouse the material long-term.  Please let me know very soon (before the end of  April) if you would like any poles shipped to the UK in May.

As some of you may have noticed, there are times at which my responses to some emails and phone calls is taking up to a week.  I am sorry for the delays.  I’m still undergoing chemotherapy and I am pretty much out of commission for several days every other week. If you write or call, please note that I will get back to you!  [That being said, if it’s been two weeks or more, please try me again!]

We are transitioning from one bookkeeper to another here as Mary is being replaced by Candise (my soon-to-be-wife).  Candise may start handling some emails and phone calls but probably not before this summer.

That’s it from sunny/rainy/sunny/rainy Vashon Island.  I do hope that spring has sprung for all of you out there and we will look forward to being in touch soon!


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