A note as we wait…

Happy Summer!

As I await the new shipment and anticipate the activities over the next few months, of all things Bamboo, I celebrate the warmth of the sun as Hattie Mae turns 2 (Zeya 17 and Amayah turning 21…all summer girls), continue to work daily with my Reverence Healing practice, and embrace grieving as my new normal.


Our growing girls; Hattie Mae with her sisters Zeya and Amayah.

Maintaining the Bamboo Broker Family continues to teach me about what it means to “keep the flame going” yet at the same time claim or assert myself into a world that’s new. My experience has been humbling and I recognize the blessing of Andy’s foundation as The Bamboo Broker. I remain humbled to have the continual support of customers, new and old. Your support allows me to grow and become better at serving the Rod Building community. Thank you.

Our new shipment remains in the Port of Seattle and I am impatiently waiting for it’s release. Thank you to those who took advantage of the Facebook Specials and for offering to Pre-pay as we wait. I’m excited to have this fresh inventory.

As you know, it’s important to me that our business continue with the same integrity that Andy Royer established. For me that remains my priority and my life, as it is, often poses as a challenge to consistently maintain the level of service that I desire. Yet, I continue to look for ways to make it so. Again, I’m working on building a relationship which will allow me to store and ship bamboo from BC Canada as well as expand our international sales. This is and has been ever so slow. In truth, this is new for me and I’ve had to embrace one thing at a time since Andy’s death.

At the beginning of 2016, shortly after Andy’s death, I considered selling the business and though the timing nor offers were seemingly a match, the concept to pass the torch remains open to someone who is passionate about Rod Building or who understands the need for high quality bamboo. Since my intention is to assure the continuation and integrity of The Bamboo Broker Family I’m not actively advertising my intent to sale to the greater public yet I’m planting seeds which will support the growth of Bamboo Broker Family for years to come. If the thought of being the next “Bamboo Broker” excites you and you have serious inquiry please feel free to contact me for an expansive conversation.

Rest assure that the Bamboo Broker Family isn’t going anywhere, again my intention is to maintain that which is the greatest good for our customers and the highest  growth for our business, even if that means I personally have to get out-of-the-way for that to happen. Meanwhile, I promise to grow and be of service as best as I can.

In Gratitude Always,


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