2017 and Beyond

Its been over a year since Andy’s death. And as you know, I hit the ground running as I scrambled to pick up the pieces of my heart while at the same time Andy’s business. With a baby in one hand and bamboo in the other, I managed to make it through my first year. And what a year it has been; heartache, drama, and growth: all of which tested the core of my very being. As I’ve mentioned before, not only do I manage the Bamboo Broker Family but I also run a Healing/Massage business. I’ve become a pro at juggling yet I didn’t want to just juggle one thing to the next so there began my plan of selling Bamboo Broker Family.

I’ve learned a lot over this past year about myself, community and business. I’m thankful for each of you who have purchased (and continue to purchase) our bamboo and also those who have just sent your good vibes our way. I know I can not do this alone. I appreciate your support as I’ve come full circle in this journey. Andy left some big shoes to fill. My feet might not be as big but I will continue to do my best to serve this amazing community of Bamboo Rod Builders. Therefore, I’ve decided that this is not the time to sell. Instead I will be focused on not only filling Andy’s shoes but stepping into my own as I claim and grow this remarkable business.

I’m excited to serve you and grow with your needs.

We have a good amount of 12’ bundles left in the warehouse from Andy’s trip last year, it is my hope that it will be enough to fill orders until we receive our 2017 container. I plan to bring in more XL and AA poles with the next shipment so if you’d like to be places on a waiting list for either of those please let me know, otherwise it will be first come first serve basis.

There will be,of course, transitions and changes in the Bamboo world. I will do my best to keep you updated as these changes take place within our business. I know there have been some questions about other’s and their role within my business, so for the sake of clarity and keeping rumors to a minimum, I want to address that David Serifin was someone who came to China with us. He is not associated with me or with the Bamboo Broker in anyway. We did sell him some can this past year for his personal use.  I am also aware of the Peak Bamboo development and their plans for this next year. Russ and I are on good terms and trust that our businesses will meet your needs one way or another.  Andy made many ripples within the community and It is easy to assume with the use of Andy’s name and one’s association that somehow they are tied to our business but I assure you they are not. Andy was an incredible man and what he created is incredible.

I assure you that the integrity and passion that Andy invested in this business will continue and remains with me; Bamboo Broker Family/Bamboo Broker.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Your feedback is always welcome.

In Gratitude

Candise Bertram-Royer

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3 Responses to 2017 and Beyond

  1. Sean Barry says:

    Bravo! And hang in there Candise. You certainly have my support and future business. Take care

  2. Bob Hosack says:

    I ordered 2 bundles of cane last year and was extremely disappointed with what I received. One bundle was relatively small dia. culmes with mold inside the poles. The other bundle was of a
    good size but also very moldy with unsightly markings on the bamboo which only showed up
    when the sections were planed out and glued up and the rind was removed. I made two rods
    up before I discovered the problem and they were unsaleable. I have already thrown out two other culmes and am very leery about the rest of the poles. It looks to me that these bundles might have been warehoused too long.I have had a great experience with your bamboo in the past and was very pleased however not this time. I point this out to you so you might be aware of the problem.

    • bambooandy says:

      Hi Bob, I see your post here. Thank you for your feed back. I will see if anyone else had this problem and check my warehouse for issues that would lead to this. Your input is always welcomed. I’m sorry to hear of your experience. We are receiving a new shipment in July. I’d be happy to create a discount for your next order if you can provide me pic of the unworkable cane.
      Best to you,
      Candise Bertram-Royer

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