Looking Forward

Greetings,  I hope your winter projects were successful and you’re ready to put those rods into motion this summer. Our Seattle rainfall  has proven to be relentless this past year but we are finally seeing the light of the sun in the last week or so.

SALE: We need to clear out our warehouse before the new cane arrives. There are around 50 bundles left of Andy’s hand selected cane. Currently they run for $260 per bundle. I will offer them at $220 per bundle when purchasing 2 or more bundles until the new shipment arrives in July.


I’m offering a wait list for the XL and the 6′ bundles, just email me at bamboo.brokerfamily@gmail.com to get on the list with your request.

In the name of transformation, our business was forced to seek a new supplier this year. With the help of Brandon Barnard, we were able to secure a new connection and maintain the integrity of our standards. Once we receive our shipment we will adjust prices accordingly. We will do our best to keep quality high and prices low.

In other news, I’m working with Lorenzo Reid who will be in charge of international sales moving forward. This is an area that got away from me over the last year and I felt it was time to bring in reinforcements. Together we are securing a warehouse in B.C. Canada.  He will have an annual supply to distribute making shipping cost lower across the country. As for other sales internationally, we will ship from whichever warehouse reflects the lower cost to our customers.

Bamboo Broker Family is also in the works of updating our webpage. This seems like a small detail but I assure you it is not. We will make changes that allow you to pay online once you’ve received your invoice covering shipping cost. This doesn’t mean that I don’t want to talk to you, I do! Yet, it will allow all account receivables to be handled in a timely manor. On that note; throughout Andy Royer’s time doing business there have been maybe two or three times that an order was unpaid. Unfortunately, in the short time I’ve managed the business I’ve had more than three customers avoid payment. The result of this has lead me to make the decision to  longer accept checks. There are always acceptions to the rules, of course, and that would require personal history of paying with a check or sending payment before bamboo ships.

Other changes on the site will offer each customer a choice of charity to donate 2% profits from your individual order.  This will be done in Andy’s honor; he wanted to leave the world a better place and trust that he somehow made a difference.  We will have two options to choose from; one option will remain a constant, Reel Recovery,  and the other will be rotating every 3 months or so.  If you have a charity you think is a worthy cause let me know and I can include it in the rotation.


Please don’t hesitate offering your feedback and thoughts along the way. I’m aware that even though my husband had established a beautiful foundation within the rod building community, I am learning and growing each day. My intention is to maintain his level of standard and expand in the best way possible.

As you might have noticed, our little Miss Hattie Mae is growing up fast. She will be turning 2 on June 22. Our family continues to adjust without Andy in our lives but we are creating our new normal and doing our best to celebrate life as we know it.

Best wishes to you all! In Gratitude,

Candise Bertram-Royer

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