It brings me deep sadness to share that after a two year battle with cancer, Andy Royer passed away on 9-9-2015 peacefully in his home. We were recently married on August 22. A few weeks before, he had a couple procedures to assist his liver function. Those procedures set him back and he began a downward spiral. Our wedding was beautiful even though it was one of the most challenging days for Andy. By this time the edema in his legs made standing almost impossible.  Supported by 250 friends and family, we joined in a union with what he called “Unexpireable Vows.”

2015-08-22 15.53.38He is missed and celebrated every moment as I look upon our 3 month old Hattie Mae Royer.

Transitions. I am honored to continue his work as The Bamboo Broker Family. We now have a  warehouse full and I am doing my best, albeit slow, to become informed as I jump in. I welcome all feedback as we move forward. Thank you for your support and patience at this time.

Candise Bertram-Royer

Wow,  a full lunar eclipse on the night of Andy’s memorial celebration. Of course!

Andy Royer was contagious; his smile, wit, laughter and adventurous spirit. In his presence we became inspired, challenged and dare I say better. His life full. He was a master at creating and growing beautiful relationships, weaving web after web of connections. Andy’s gift was to make each and everyone of us feel seen, heard and loved. Wow. What a gift! In his darkest of times he always kept the spark of hope alive. He fought against the darkest of days only to find light in his family, friends and community. In life he celebrated each moment, expressed joy, cherished his family, embraced the “up side of cancer,” explored new territory of mind, body and spirit and LIVED!! Our love for him will keep his joy and love alive.
In the last few hours of his life, I sat in meditation by his bedside. He was surrounded by love and had a peaceful transition into the Afterlife.
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3 Responses to Transitions

  1. Phil Kosmas says:

    Still devastated at this sad news. Extending deepest sympathies and heartfelt condolences for your great loss. Rest in paradise, Andy. You’ll be missed immensely.

  2. Eric Terluin says:

    With great sadness I hear Andy passed away.
    I will remember him as a most friendly man alway taking care for my wishes and not only for bamboo. A pure man who made big impression on me. His great spirit will be the same in his family. Thanks for all Andy.

  3. Sean Barry says:

    I’ve only been pursuing bamboo rod construction for a short while but Andy Royer figured prominently in my tiny corner of that world from the beginning. I had quite a lot of correspondence with Andy and one recent phone call, made the more memorable by the sad news. Andy will always remain on my short list of people I’ve been very glad to know and I wish him the best in his peaceful rest. And I wish for Candace a long and prosperous life and creation of your own legacy in whatever life you choose. I do hope it will continue to be the importation and sales of Tonkin cane, in the best Royer tradition–it’s clear that the business will be in capable hands..

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