A note as we wait…

Happy Summer!

As I await the new shipment and anticipate the activities over the next few months, of all things Bamboo, I celebrate the warmth of the sun as Hattie Mae turns 2 (Zeya 17 and Amayah turning 21…all summer girls), continue to work daily with my Reverence Healing practice, and embrace grieving as my new normal.


Our growing girls; Hattie Mae with her sisters Zeya and Amayah.

Maintaining the Bamboo Broker Family continues to teach me about what it means to “keep the flame going” yet at the same time claim or assert myself into a world that’s new. My experience has been humbling and I recognize the blessing of Andy’s foundation as The Bamboo Broker. I remain humbled to have the continual support of customers, new and old. Your support allows me to grow and become better at serving the Rod Building community. Thank you.

Our new shipment remains in the Port of Seattle and I am impatiently waiting for it’s release. Thank you to those who took advantage of the Facebook Specials and for offering to Pre-pay as we wait. I’m excited to have this fresh inventory.

As you know, it’s important to me that our business continue with the same integrity that Andy Royer established. For me that remains my priority and my life, as it is, often poses as a challenge to consistently maintain the level of service that I desire. Yet, I continue to look for ways to make it so. Again, I’m working on building a relationship which will allow me to store and ship bamboo from BC Canada as well as expand our international sales. This is and has been ever so slow. In truth, this is new for me and I’ve had to embrace one thing at a time since Andy’s death.

At the beginning of 2016, shortly after Andy’s death, I considered selling the business and though the timing nor offers were seemingly a match, the concept to pass the torch remains open to someone who is passionate about Rod Building or who understands the need for high quality bamboo. Since my intention is to assure the continuation and integrity of The Bamboo Broker Family I’m not actively advertising my intent to sale to the greater public yet I’m planting seeds which will support the growth of Bamboo Broker Family for years to come. If the thought of being the next “Bamboo Broker” excites you and you have serious inquiry please feel free to contact me for an expansive conversation.

Rest assure that the Bamboo Broker Family isn’t going anywhere, again my intention is to maintain that which is the greatest good for our customers and the highest  growth for our business, even if that means I personally have to get out-of-the-way for that to happen. Meanwhile, I promise to grow and be of service as best as I can.

In Gratitude Always,


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Looking Forward

Greetings,  I hope your winter projects were successful and you’re ready to put those rods into motion this summer. Our Seattle rainfall  has proven to be relentless this past year but we are finally seeing the light of the sun in the last week or so.

SALE: We need to clear out our warehouse before the new cane arrives. There are around 50 bundles left of Andy’s hand selected cane. Currently they run for $260 per bundle. I will offer them at $220 per bundle when purchasing 2 or more bundles until the new shipment arrives in July.


I’m offering a wait list for the XL and the 6′ bundles, just email me at bamboo.brokerfamily@gmail.com to get on the list with your request.

In the name of transformation, our business was forced to seek a new supplier this year. With the help of Brandon Barnard, we were able to secure a new connection and maintain the integrity of our standards. Once we receive our shipment we will adjust prices accordingly. We will do our best to keep quality high and prices low.

In other news, I’m working with Lorenzo Reid who will be in charge of international sales moving forward. This is an area that got away from me over the last year and I felt it was time to bring in reinforcements. Together we are securing a warehouse in B.C. Canada.  He will have an annual supply to distribute making shipping cost lower across the country. As for other sales internationally, we will ship from whichever warehouse reflects the lower cost to our customers.

Bamboo Broker Family is also in the works of updating our webpage. This seems like a small detail but I assure you it is not. We will make changes that allow you to pay online once you’ve received your invoice covering shipping cost. This doesn’t mean that I don’t want to talk to you, I do! Yet, it will allow all account receivables to be handled in a timely manor. On that note; throughout Andy Royer’s time doing business there have been maybe two or three times that an order was unpaid. Unfortunately, in the short time I’ve managed the business I’ve had more than three customers avoid payment. The result of this has lead me to make the decision to  longer accept checks. There are always acceptions to the rules, of course, and that would require personal history of paying with a check or sending payment before bamboo ships.

Other changes on the site will offer each customer a choice of charity to donate 2% profits from your individual order.  This will be done in Andy’s honor; he wanted to leave the world a better place and trust that he somehow made a difference.  We will have two options to choose from; one option will remain a constant, Reel Recovery,  and the other will be rotating every 3 months or so.  If you have a charity you think is a worthy cause let me know and I can include it in the rotation.


Please don’t hesitate offering your feedback and thoughts along the way. I’m aware that even though my husband had established a beautiful foundation within the rod building community, I am learning and growing each day. My intention is to maintain his level of standard and expand in the best way possible.

As you might have noticed, our little Miss Hattie Mae is growing up fast. She will be turning 2 on June 22. Our family continues to adjust without Andy in our lives but we are creating our new normal and doing our best to celebrate life as we know it.

Best wishes to you all! In Gratitude,

Candise Bertram-Royer

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Order Forms

We are in the process of updating our website for the new year to come. Yet, right now it seems I’m not receiving complete order forms which means I have no way of contacting you to let you know that I need more info or that it was incomplete. Please be sure to add a phone number, email address and your name. If you filled out a form and you didn’t hear from me within 2 days then chances are I didn’t receive your order or the form came to me incomplete. We are working on the problem now but let’s make sure it’s not user error!

Phone, Email and Name!! and if you have any questions before ordering you can email me directly at bamboo.brokerfamily@gmail.com

Happy Holidays!!

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Down to the Last Pile of Andy Royer’s Hand Selected Bamboo

As we come closer to the next season of hand selecting our cane, there is but a single pile left in the warehouse (a big pile but a pile nonetheless) of Andy’s last selection. This is it folks. Andy’s hands held each piece as he pondered the quality, weight and durability with you in mind. Even though there will be more cane to come, and yes the quality will be on par, there is nothing that compares to this man’s gift of selection.  With that said, please note there has been a price increase for this last pile of Andy Royer Selection. Once our new stock comes in we will make sure to maintain competitive prices on our hand selected quality cane. After all,  I am training his mini-me and that is the next best thing.


We hope to be in China come the first of the year and have our next shipment in the warehouse by May-June. Again, if you’d like to be on the list for XL or AA shoot me an email.

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded with those you love as you ponder the magic of Gratitude. We are grateful for your support and personal interest in the next phase of our business as we reflect on how to grow without our beloved Andy.

All the best to you and yours,

Candise Bertram-Royer


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2017 and Beyond

Its been over a year since Andy’s death. And as you know, I hit the ground running as I scrambled to pick up the pieces of my heart while at the same time Andy’s business. With a baby in one hand and bamboo in the other, I managed to make it through my first year. And what a year it has been; heartache, drama, and growth: all of which tested the core of my very being. As I’ve mentioned before, not only do I manage the Bamboo Broker Family but I also run a Healing/Massage business. I’ve become a pro at juggling yet I didn’t want to just juggle one thing to the next so there began my plan of selling Bamboo Broker Family.

I’ve learned a lot over this past year about myself, community and business. I’m thankful for each of you who have purchased (and continue to purchase) our bamboo and also those who have just sent your good vibes our way. I know I can not do this alone. I appreciate your support as I’ve come full circle in this journey. Andy left some big shoes to fill. My feet might not be as big but I will continue to do my best to serve this amazing community of Bamboo Rod Builders. Therefore, I’ve decided that this is not the time to sell. Instead I will be focused on not only filling Andy’s shoes but stepping into my own as I claim and grow this remarkable business.

I’m excited to serve you and grow with your needs.

We have a good amount of 12’ bundles left in the warehouse from Andy’s trip last year, it is my hope that it will be enough to fill orders until we receive our 2017 container. I plan to bring in more XL and AA poles with the next shipment so if you’d like to be places on a waiting list for either of those please let me know, otherwise it will be first come first serve basis.

There will be,of course, transitions and changes in the Bamboo world. I will do my best to keep you updated as these changes take place within our business. I know there have been some questions about other’s and their role within my business, so for the sake of clarity and keeping rumors to a minimum, I want to address that David Serifin was someone who came to China with us. He is not associated with me or with the Bamboo Broker in anyway. We did sell him some can this past year for his personal use.  I am also aware of the Peak Bamboo development and their plans for this next year. Russ and I are on good terms and trust that our businesses will meet your needs one way or another.  Andy made many ripples within the community and It is easy to assume with the use of Andy’s name and one’s association that somehow they are tied to our business but I assure you they are not. Andy was an incredible man and what he created is incredible.

I assure you that the integrity and passion that Andy invested in this business will continue and remains with me; Bamboo Broker Family/Bamboo Broker.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Your feedback is always welcome.

In Gratitude

Candise Bertram-Royer

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Oh my! The Who, What and When of the Bamboo Broker Family has NOT been decided. I know that there are some who are speaking, quite loudly, that they are in the process of taking over our business for 2017. Bottom line is that this isn’t true.  If someone is telling you that they are, with our blessing, continuing in the name of the Bamboo Broker or using Andy’s name to insure the quality of 2017, please be advised that this is not in agreement with me. I will let you know directly who we trust with our Good-Will and ability to bring you high quality cane. I have plenty of Stock in the warehouse at this point for your immediate needs. If you have questions relating to the business or our stock Call me. 206 422 2563


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A Year of Transition and What it Means to You.

It has been an honor serving the greater bamboo community and keeping the Bamboo Broker going after Andy’s death.  Andy’s vision was to see his business continue, as is mine, yet with my current situation, as a single parent and business owner of a Massage Practice, I am struggling to find the time to serve this beautiful community  that Andy was so deeply appreciative of at full capacity.  I’m realizing that it’s time to pass the torch to someone who has the time and means to better support you in 2017.

All orders for 2017 will be passed along and you will be in good hands as this transition takes place. Thank you for your support and encouragement over this past year.  I can’t express it enough what it means to me to have had this opportunity to serve you. But please know it’s a decision not easily made. I will keep you updated here with contact information as the details of this transition become clear.

In the meantime, I have a decent stock of 12’ left and about 90 bundles of the Halves. I will sell first come first serve. All the pending back orders will be reserved (international customers).  This is the last of Andy’s hand selected Bamboo. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions or to place on order, my phone is back and running; 206 422 2563 and email at bamboo.brokerfamily@gmail.com

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IPhone YourPhone BabyPhone

Oh how we’ve become so dependent on our phones. It has contacts, important messages to get to and social media. Alas I’m without a my phone for a few days because sweet Hattie Mae likes to throw most things she can get her hands on. Yep, as many times as I’ve dropped my phone this was the drop that sent my screen into blankville. I get nada, just a black screen. With that said, I will have Andy’s phone so please call 206-251-6773 if you need to reach me by phone. Or PLEASE email me at bamboo.brokerfamily@gmail.com if you have placed an order but haven’t heard back from me. This transition has its bumps, some emails are not coming through while other are perfect; not sure what that’s about.

Thanks for your patience.

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What’s the Word with Bamboo?

The summer is upon us (almost here on Vashon Island) and you might be wondering what’s the deal with our little business. Some of you have ordered and received lickity split, while other are still waiting to be processed. Mainly those international orders!! I AM SORRY TO KEEP YOU WAITING! Life has given me much to juggle and I am not able to operate the business full time as my late husband had done so beautifully. With that said, please know I am filling orders as fast as I can.  Before Andy passed away, I had my own massage/healing practice that is back up and running. I wear many hats at this point and if you don’t hear from me right away, please know I am not ignoring you. I am most likely working and not home until the evening, too late to return most calls. I know that I will find the rhythm to make life and business run smoothly but in the mean time it has had its bumps.

International Shipping: I will be focused here for the next few weeks. This means you Canada!! Which might push back delivery for the domestic orders a week or two; FYI. My deepest apologies for not being able to put the time needed into these orders. Your patience is appreciated.

We still have half the stock left of Standard 12′ bundles and I am waiting conformation for the next trip to China come 2017.

Andy is missed daily, as I’m sure you can imagine, yet our life continues to unfold. Miss Hattie Mae will be turning ONE on June 22. Hard to believe she was only 3months old when Andy passed away. She is doing great and keeping us all smiling.


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Slow and Steady

First thing first, the number on Bamboobroker.com isn’t connecting as usual and my web designer is gone for the month. Please call 206 422 2563 with any bamboo related questions.

It has been two months since my life took a turn into this very supportive community of Rod Builders. Thank you for your patience as I step into this new chapter of becoming The Bamboo Broker Family. It hasn’t been easy to step into the shoes of such a great man, but here we are. Hattie and I are finding a rhythm that works for the both of us as she watches me fill your orders. Life with a 5month old and a teenager has it’s own agenda at times (ok most of the time).  Yet, slow and steady I am understanding what it takes to run this business.

With that said, please know that I am doing my best to maintain communication. If I don’t answer your call please please leave me a message; I will get back to you. With Hattie Mae by my side I am not as free as Andy was to take every call as they come in. But I promise to find the time to connect and return your call.

Working away to fill new orders as well as the back orders, I have moved quite a bit of cane. We are officially OUT OF STOCK OF XL. We have plenty of our Standard Grade A bundles. Please note that shipping cost have increased with YRC as of NOV. 1st due to a charge for 12′ length bundle by 75$. I am working to find the best rates, please know that all rates I give are subject to change.

Just a short post because Hattie is telling me my time is done by her maddening cries, best to all of you who have supported and continue to support The Bamboo Broker/Andy Royer and now our Family!



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