February 2015 – Update

Howdy all.  It has been a while since I’ve posted anything here and I figured it’s about time.  Please remember to get in touch with me directly anytime if you have any questions or issues!

I’m still working through my chemotherapy regimen which knocks me out of commission for 4-5 days every two weeks.  My cancer seems stable though and other than those several days of recovery I’m able to do my work at fairly full capacity.

We are still sitting on plenty of Blondes and 6′ bundles in the warehouse in Seattle (only 6′ bundles at Tim’s in New Jersey).  I am off to China later this week to select more poles for 2015.  We should receive our next shipment by the end of April.  That means that we’ll have our Standard poles back in stock as well as the XL’s, hopefully.  I say that because we saw last year that there can be years in which the farmers simply did not harvest very many XL-sized poles.  That was the first time in nearly 20 years but I can’t promise that it won’t happen again.  I’m sure that I’ll find some amount of the XL’s but if those are the poles you desire, it might be a good idea to shoot me an email so that I can add you to an “XL Wait List”!

I will not be shipping orders during the month of February.  This entire month will find me either on chemo (now and at the end of the month) or in China.  I WILL be able to arrange shipments from New Jersey for the 6′ bundles but please note that there may be some delays in communication.  At times it takes several days for me to respond to people.  If you write and don’t hear back from me for a week or more, please do try me again!!

That’s it for now.  I continue to receive a lot of words of encouragement and prayers from a lot of you and I do appreciate that so very much.  Medicine is only half of what I need to stay as healthy as possible, the rest of what I need comes in the form of moral support from people all around me.  I thank you all for your continued support of my health and my business.

Best to all,                                                                                                                                                  -Andy

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