Ready to ship!


We are just about ready to start sending out shipments and I’ll make a few notes here.

WE ARE OUT OF ALL XL POLES. As I’ve noted in the past, there seems to be some mysterious force that dictates our bamboo poles vier toward either good-looking or large.  In the past several years there has been a good mix of each but this year, as we had a lot of cleaner-than-average poles (hence, the new “Blondes” category), we had fewer of the large, “XL” poles.  A lot fewer.  In total, there were only 43 of these bundles between the XL and XL-Blondes.  Now there are zero.  We’ve been collecting a “wait list” of sorts for the past several months while we were out of cane and between those orders and a few group orders pending, these XL bundles went quickly.  Apologies to those of you who would like these larger poles.  I can only imagine that we’ll have plenty available next spring!  [If you were on that “wait list”, your XL order is secured.]

Next.  Mold.  Yuck.  This year’s shipment sat in the metal shipping container for three weeks as it crossed the Pacific and it collected some condensation.  We do use desiccant in the shipping containers and all the poles are cleaned before packaging but we did see some mold collecting on the poles as we unloaded this shipment last week.  This is not entirely uncommon but still not a very pleasant site (for you or me).  The mold will clean up just fine with water and a little bleach but this should be done as soon as you receive your order.  As always, let me know if there are problems with your order and/or if the mold has somehow degraded your bamboo!  I really don’t think it will be a problem, especially for folks who get their orders relatively soon.  If the mold becomes more of an issue when winter sets back in in November, we will address it as needed.

Group Orders.  As of now, there are three Group Orders in the works.  Remember that ordering with others can help save quite a bit of money per bundle.  Interested parties in the following areas should contact:

  1. Northeast – Barry Mayer
  2. NY/NJ/Attendees of the rod-makers gathering at the CFFCM in September – Mike Canazon
  3. Michigan – Richard Perry

We plan to start sending out shipments on July 2.  I am out of the office from July 4-16 so whatever we don’t get shipped on the 2nd, we’ll take care of after the 16th.  Thereafter we’ll be making our regular, weekly shipments.

That’s it for now.  I’ll be in touch with many of you in the coming weeks!  Thank you again for your patience and understanding as we wade through the various ordeals with getting this stuff into your shops.

[My health is stable for now.  I am on a chemo “maintenance plan” which is sort of like “chemo lite”.  I feel much better than last winter and am able to engage in most normal activities.  No one knows the future; I’ll just ride this wave as long as possible!  Thank you for all the support!]



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