Our ship is almost in!

We’ll have plenty of cane available to ship out of Seattle very soon.  I’ll post again when we’re ready and I’ll be contacting directly those on our “wait list”.

We have a new entry into our catalog this year.  The “Blondes”!  Not since 2009 have I come across so many clean poles that look great for blonde rods.  I made the choice to keep these separate for those who want to pay a few extra bucks for cleaner cane.  

Our Standard poles are still the standard.  I don’t want to imply that we have down-graded these poles which are the backbone of our business.  I am still picking out each and every one of these poles and they are on par with the material from the past few years.  These are clean poles with ample power fiber and no slash marks or burn marks.  The price on these poles will remain where they were in 2013.

There was a limited number of the XL poles this year.  The sizes vary a bit from year to year but this is as few of the big boys as we’ve had in a while.  All you spey-rod guys should get in touch soon!  These will be available as Standards and Blondes.

There are, as usual, a VERY limited number of AA poles.  These are poles that score excellent marks in cosmetics, power fiber and other categories.   These will go quick.

We still have plenty of the 6′ poles available.
Note that we will NOT be sending a shipment out to Tim Abbott in New Jersey this year for continuous East Coast distribution.  Because of the late nature of this year’s order to China we simply did not have enough poles to stock both the Seattle and New Jersey warehouses.  So until next year, only the 6′-ers are available to ship from Jersey, everything else will come out of Seattle (actually, our local warehouse has moved to Kent, about 15 miles south of Seattle).  Thus, there has been some interest in a group order for makers in the North East.  I am working with Tim and Barry Mayer to set this up; please stay tuned!

And without further ado, heres the 2014 line up:

  •     Standard    (12’x 2″ – 10 pcs/bundle)     $240/bundle    $220/bundle at 5+ bundles                                                                         
  •     Blonde       (12′ x 2″ – 10 pcs/bundle)    $270/bundle    $250/bundle at 5+ bundles    
  •     XL              (12′ x 2.5″ – 8 pcs/bundle)   $200/bundle     [Limited]
  •     Blonde XL  (12′ x 2.5″ – 8 pcs/bundle)   $230/bundle     [Limited]
  •     AA              (12′ x 2″+ – 2 pcs/bundle)    $90/bundle       [Very Limited]
  •     Halves        (6′ x 2″ – 8pcs/bundle)        $110/bundle      [12′ poles cut in half, marked to match butt/tip]

Shipping 12′ poles is typically $140 to a business address ($160 to East Coast).  That covers 1-3 bundles so get a few!
Shipping 6′ poles is UPS and averages about $45 PER bundle!
Shipping to Canada is the same but… averages $120 higher because of certificates and boarder fees.  Again (as always), if you ship more than one bundle, you save a lot on shipping $$ per bundle!

NOTE that these options/prices are NOT updated on the web site yet and it may take a week or so to get the prices on there.  We are working to get it done asap. Thus, you may not be able to make a complete order from the “Order Page” at this time.  Let me know what you need and we’ll get ‘er done.


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