Slow and Steady

First thing first, the number on isn’t connecting as usual and my web designer is gone for the month. Please call 206 422 2563 with any bamboo related questions.

It has been two months since my life took a turn into this very supportive community of Rod Builders. Thank you for your patience as I step into this new chapter of becoming The Bamboo Broker Family. It hasn’t been easy to step into the shoes of such a great man, but here we are. Hattie and I are finding a rhythm that works for the both of us as she watches me fill your orders. Life with a 5month old and a teenager has it’s own agenda at times (ok most of the time).  Yet, slow and steady I am understanding what it takes to run this business.

With that said, please know that I am doing my best to maintain communication. If I don’t answer your call please please leave me a message; I will get back to you. With Hattie Mae by my side I am not as free as Andy was to take every call as they come in. But I promise to find the time to connect and return your call.

Working away to fill new orders as well as the back orders, I have moved quite a bit of cane. We are officially OUT OF STOCK OF XL. We have plenty of our Standard Grade A bundles. Please note that shipping cost have increased with YRC as of NOV. 1st due to a charge for 12′ length bundle by 75$. I am working to find the best rates, please know that all rates I give are subject to change.

Just a short post because Hattie is telling me my time is done by her maddening cries, best to all of you who have supported and continue to support The Bamboo Broker/Andy Royer and now our Family!



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