We are finally busy here in the heat of summer!  It was tough
timing last month as the container of poles arrived just as my family
and I were leaving town for three of the next four weeks.  Yikes!  But
we’re back and back at it!  There’s plenty of great cane here so give
me a shout if you are interested in any of the Standards or Blondes,
6’ers or anything else!

I was surprised to see that we still have all of the AA bundles we
brought in in June but then I realized that I never really made note
of them and that they are not listed on the “Products” page of the web-
site.  They rarely are listed there since we usually only get about a
dozen of these bundles and they go quickly.  So, here is the
notification for any/all interested!

AA poles are a great combination of cosmetics and heft.  The creme
de la culm! We have about a dozen bundles with two poles each and one
bundle with five of these beauties.  For the month of August, we’ll
say that there’s a limit of one bundle per customer.  If I have any
left after that, we’ll maybe open it up.  The price is $45/culm.

All the cane in this shipment has been dusted with mold as
mentioned in our previous post but the reports from those who have
received material from this shipment have all noted that the poles are
easy to clean and that they look great.

Next…. On a personal note, I am continuing my auction as best I can. We had our fund-raiser auction last May.  Several of you asked if you could take part
in the auction from afar and we were not set up to make that happen in
any way.  Now, Gary Siemer of  Vintage Fly Tackle has generously agreed to hold an auction on his web-site.

We had a couple of reels that did not receive a minimum bid at the
original auction.  These are the first two pieces Gary will auction on
his site.

Some of you had very generously offered to send me some sort of
angling goods for my original auction.  I am now humbly asking that if
anyone would like to contribute to my fund-raising needs, you can send
appropriate goods to myself or direct to Gary.  Please contact me for
more information as needed.  100% of the proceeds from the sales on
Gary’s site are going to my cause.  As most of you know, I have been
diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer and am fighting to …. well,
stay alive I guess.  I’ve got good insurance that helps cover most
medical bills but we are still responsible for more than my family can
handle financially.  Thus, I am respectfully asking for help from
anyone who would care to do so.  Many of you HAVE made donations and
sent notes to me which help me a great deal.  I thank you for that
while noting that our needs continue.  I’m sorry to mix in this
personal request on the “business” site but we’re forced into odd
measures in situations like this.  If you have any old fly-fishing
gear/equipment laying about, Gary will help find a good set of hands
for it while helping me cover some medical bills!

If interested in helping with this, you can contact Gary directly through his website or drop me an email.

With much, much gratitude,

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