The Skinny – Spring 2014

Howdy all.

I am back from China and ready to start getting orders set up for folks.  For the time being, we still only have the 6′ bundles in the Seattle and New Jersey warehouses.  I found a lot of great cane in China and the new shipment is due into Seattle by late May.  That means that we’ll have plenty of the regular 12′ poles in stock after that time.  We’ll have the Standard size, XL and, for as long as they last a bunch of blondies (cleaner than average cane, best for blond rods).

At this time I do not know if we will re-stock the New Jersey warehouse with 12′ poles.  I would like to do so but because of the odd nature of this year’s order, we may only be able to fill one warehouse.  If so, we’ll only have the 6’ers available from the Jersey warehouse until the next go-around in the spring of 2015.  I will post an update regarding this matter as soon as possible.  But for now, let me know if you want any of the 6′ poles or get in touch anytime to make an order for the 12’ers.  We’ll have plenty of those on hand soon so there is no need for an actual “wait list”.  Just let me know now or after we get the stuff in and we’ll be able to start making shipments by the end of May.

More information to be posted in a couple of weeks.  Thank you!

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