Here we go!


Our ship has come in!

We have received this year’s shipment and are ready to start taking and shipping orders!  We are ready to send orders from Seattle this week and from New Jersey next week.  Please see our Product Info page to see details on the available cane and to make orders.  I do have a list of folks who have been waiting for bamboo and Mary or myself will be getting in touch with these people via email and phone starting today.

There is plenty of cane to go around so there’s no need to rush.  Remember that we do have loads of the 6′ poles packaged in 8-pc bundles (that’s a total of four 12′ poles cut in half and marked to match butt and tip) and that our XL’s are really XL’s this year!

Call or write with inquiries.
Thank you again everyone for your patience and I look forward to speaking with many of you soon.  I will be at the Catskills gathering in September so perhaps we’ll get together there.


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