Summertime 2013

The heat has us all moving a bit more slowly but looking way out on the horizons I see that our ships are about to finally come in!

We have been out of stock but there are shipments landing at both the Seattle and Rosemont, New Jersey warehouses in the coming weeks.  I will post more here when I know the exact dates of availability from both sites! I think we should be up and rolling by the first or second week of August. I will update information about the bamboo on the web page.  Here I will note that we will have plenty of the Standard and XL bundles available as well as “Half-Bundles” of four 12′ poles cut to 6′.

Great news that we have landed a good number of these 6′ bundles with our distributor in the UK.  Chapman Blanks is continuing to distribute bamboo for rod-makers throughout the UK and Europe.  We hope that these 183cm bundles will prove to be a great deal with regards to shipping throughout Europe.  I will list prices for these as soon as we are notified with this number.

Thank you again one and all and I hope to be in touch soon!

Best,                                                                                                                                                  -Andy

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