A Sale!


Well, for the first time ever here at The Bamboo Broker, we’re having a SALE. Weird shit happens….

XL poles- 12′ x 2.25″, 8 pcs/bundle, $150/bundle.

Too many of our XL poles are just sitting here, gathering dust. I’d like to see them go away, especially as we are getting to that China-time of year.  I expect to be in China in March and should have a new load of cane in by May.  I’d love to see all these XL poles move along to greener pastures by then.

And so, it’s time for a sale.  These XL poles are…. large.  They average 2.25″ and have thick walls and loads of power fibers.  That means they’re great for big rods.  That means they a pain in the ass for a 2-wt…. But hey, who doesn’t like a little more practice cutting/shaving/planning/milling excess cane??  Okay, silly question.  But still, it’s a bargain.

And though by default, the larger poles usually have a few more cosmetic “beauty” marks on them, these are very nice poles.  One maker who just received a bundle of these poles (cut in half and marked for tip/butt) a week ago wrote:

“My poles arrived today…WOW!!!
There wasn’t a pole I couldn’t use….all were thick walled,heavy and straight.
3A/3B was a monster!!!!
I think most of the imperfections can be worked around.”

“Imperfections” are still only cosmetic marks.  These poles are free of slash marks and have the same “A-pole” standards regarding leaf-nodes, bug bites and the rest.  We have these XL poles to ship from both the Seattle and Rosemont, NJ warehouses.  All these poles are 12′ but can be cut in half to allow for cheaper, UPS shipping.  [There is a $25 cut fee per bundle.]  UPS shipping averages $45 per bundle and can ship to a residence.

For now until the new shipment comes in, all XL bundles (8 pcs) are $150/bundle.

Note that this price is NOT reflected on the web site and won’t be until the web guy gets his ass back from the Bahamas.  So just write/call me and we’ll get it worked out at the right price.

Thanks!                                                                                                                                            -Andy

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