A short update


Thanks much for the continued support and appreciation for this year’s crop.  By and large, most folks seem pleased with the quality of all of poles, Small, Standard, XL’s and especially the “Halves” 6′ bundles.  This was our first year working with the short bundles and I did not order enough to keep up with demand.  Thus, Tim Abbott (in New Jersey) and I (Seattle) are cutting up and repackaging some of the 12′ bundles and thus…. there is a bit of a jump in the price.  The new price on the 6′ bundles (up $10) is $135.

Also, in doing some work at the warehouse in Seattle I realized that I do have some of the infamous “AA” poles that have not been noted here this year.  These will NOT get listed on the website as there are only a few bundles but, as some of you may know, these will go fast.

“AA” poles are ones with a rare combination of above average size/power fiber depth and excellent cosmetics.  These poles come in either 2 or 3 piece bundles, the price is $45/pole and quantities are very limited.

Best to all, thanks again!                                                                                                                                    AR

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4 Responses to A short update

  1. Dave Hagemeyer says:

    Hope Tim and your Jersey outlet faired okay from Sandy. Almost afraid to ask. Will your AA poles be available from there? Dave, Ohio

    • bambooandy says:

      Thanks for writing and for the concern about the New Jersey distribution center. Tim Abbott says that his area was hit very hard by the storm. Luckily he, his home and the shop where the bamboo is stored have all come through without damage. However, with such dramatic power and road disruptions, it will be a couple of weeks before we look to ship from Jersey. The AA poles are only available from the Seattle location.

  2. Mike williamson says:

    Is it possible to buy one or two poles? I bought a bundle from you last year but only need one or two more

    • bambooandy says:

      Thanks for writing. The closest we get to this is to sell a “half-bundle” which has four 12′ poles that have been cut in half (thus, 8 pcs total). The pieces are all marked so you can match the butt and tip. These bundles are $100/ea. See other notes here about availability (should be plenty available sometime in August).


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