The Cane is Coming!!


It has been quite a wait but we finally have received notice that our bamboo is shipping from China.  Our container is due into Seattle on July 4 which means that it should clear customs and be delivered to our warehouse sometime between July 10-17.  We will start shipping out orders immediately thereafter.

Remember that we WILL have distribution for the East Coast set up this time around.  We will get a large portion of this order shipped to a warehouse space in Rosemont, NJ where Tim Abbot will help with distribution.  Cane should be available from NJ by the end of July.

Also this year we will begin experimenting with 5-pc, 6′ bundles of the Standard poles (12′ pcs, cut in half).

I have lots of you on a Wait List but again, this is largely a ceremonial step.  There is no real need to get on this list because there will be plenty of cane to go around once our container lands and there should be plenty for all of 2012 and into 2013. 

Let me know if you have questions or, I’ll get another note out to everyone when we are ready to start shipping orders!

Thanks again to everyone for your patience!!


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2 Responses to The Cane is Coming!!

  1. Sam says:

    For clarification, you mention the 5pc bundle of 6ft pieces (12 ft cut in half). Does this mean the bundle as shipped would be 5 6ft pieces (6 pieces total)? Or 5 12ft cut in half meaning 10 6ft pieces? Thanks

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