Spring 2012


I was in China in Mar/Apr selecting the bamboo for this year’s shipment.  The cutting and packaging of the poles is taking place as I type and I should know our final count in by April 25.  At that time we will make our plans for shipping and distributing these poles.  It looks like we may finally have enough stock to justify a shipment direct to the East Coast so we can test a small distribution hub on that side of the country.  We may also test small bundles for the first time; these would be 3-pole bundles cut to 6′ in length.  This should help folks out who don’t want a full bundle.  The shipping cost on these smaller bundles will be about half of the regular shipping price. 

Prices for the new shipment will be up by $1/pole over last year’s prices.

In any event, we’ll have a bit more clarity in a couple of weeks.  Until then, I still have plenty of XL poles (2.25″+) in Seattle.  In the meantime, get in touch whenever you’d like if you have any questions.

Thank you one and all,


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