UK Distribution


I am very happy to announce that we now have distribution for our bamboo poles in the UK!

Most of you know of R. Chapman & Co, a premiere producer of bamboo blanks in England since the 1940’s.  Now, brothers Brian and John Chapman have agreed to help distribute our cane poles to rod-makers throughout the UK.  This should help keep the cost of shipping at a minimum while giving British rod-makers a truly local source for their bamboo.

The poles distributed by R. Chapman & Co. have been selected by me under the same criteria that I use for all my Tonkin poles; they will be of the same quality as is available from our Seattle warehouse.  Prices will be set by R. Chapman but should be in line with costs in N. America.

This is a trial for all involved.  We will spend the next few months determining how well this works for the Chapmans as well as for customers in the UK.  Whether or not shipping from England or Seattle will be cheaper for the rest of you in Europe has yet to be seen.  I am still very keen on setting up distribution in Europe but have encountered many delays and difficulties along the way.  I will keep trying with the hopes of having something set up in Holland or Germany by 2013.  For now, I will continue to ship poles to Europe from the Seattle warehouse.  [European customers closer to the UK may want to check with John Chapman to inquire about shipping costs from England.]

Please visit ( or contact John Chapman directly ( for more information on the current options for purchasing bamboo through the Chapman’s facility in the city of Ware, Hertfordshire.

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