November 2011

Greetings all. It’s time for an update on a few matters so here we go.

CORK – After a 2.5 year trial I am getting out of the cork business. It was fun while it lasted but, as seems to be the case all the way around, there is a high demand for the top grade cork rings and a low demand for the second tier while the supply side is the opposite of that. Thus, I am out of my “A” grade and sitting on plenty of my second grade cork rings. I have let the pickybastardcork web site expire so contact me directly if you are interested in what I’ve got left. I have plenty of rings with and without the center hole, $1.75/ea and those who have bought these in the past report that the quality is very good/acceptable.

BAMBOO TO EUROPE – It has been a not-so-fun comedy of errors trying to find distribution in Holland and Germany. I have been forced to look to the UK which is understandably not the best location for distribution for those of you across Europe but honestly, after months of futility, it is the best I’ve found. I hope to have an update within a few weeks regarding the availability of bamboo from the UK.

BAMBOO ON THE EAST COAST – Looking to start a distribution point there by spring 2012. For now we’ve gotta ship from Seattle.

BAMBOO IN SEATTLE – Still plenty of great cane here! Give me a shout or drop me a line; I’ve got all four of the varieties discussed a bit further down this page.

Thank you for reading! Let me know if you have any questions or would like to discuss bamboo or cork.


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