Okay, I’ve got this blogging thing figured out. I’m a pro now.

Still waiting on spring here in the Pacific Northwest. The calendar say’s it’s mid-April, the thermometer says mid-February. But the days are lengthening so we can now see the rain clouds for a few more hours per day.

And the bamboo? We’ve still got plenty.

We have only a very few bundles left of the “Marilyn” poles (you can read earlier posts to learn more about those); they are listed as “unavailable” on the web site for now because, as of the 18th of April we’ve only got 4 left, so call me if you are interested in any of these. The AA’s are all out for the season. We do have plenty of the Standard Rod-Makers grade available so don’t be shy, give us a shout.

The bamboo harvest season was a bit later than normal for us and I have yet to make it to China for this year’s selection. I will be there in May and only after that trip will I know what our supply looks like for 2011 into spring of 2012.

Depending on the quality and quantity of what we find waiting over in China next month, we may very well open two new distribution centers. One of these would be on the East Coast of the US and one in Europe (probably in the Netherlands). We are very excited about this opportunity but can only commence this action if we have enough poles to support our crazy dreams. Our goal is to make the price of shipping bundles of bamboo cheaper for people across N. America and throughout Europe. Keep your panda fingers crossed.

More soon! Thanks for reading and please do keep in touch!!!


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